Nice Nice

I don’t remember how many times I have been to Nice, but every time is like the first time to me. It is one of the places I will consider to move to.

Day 1:

We arrived in Nice in the cold and rain so my Nice experience this time is probably not the hot, sexy, bikini experience you might be expecting. It was kind of a shame to me as I really would love to have a beach holiday but well we managed to have lots of fun with or without sun.

See, nothing could stop me having fun with my new friends.


“What the hell she is doing?” the boy was thinking…


This is how “beautiful” the weather was in Nice.


It’s ok when the weather is not good enough, we still can have lots of activities in La Fayette! This is one thing I like about Nice, the city side and the beach side are completely different but they are actually just next to each other.


Me shopping in La Fayette and I was wearing

White Lacy Cropped Top (here and here ) / Ruffle Hem Shorts (a very beautiful version)

Adiddas Superstar (you know where to find them) / Straw Sun Hat

Mini Travel Crossed shoulder Bag


On the way back to our flat, we had the amazing foods near by. Another thing I like about Nice is foods, they almost never disappoint me.


Salad Nicoise in the bread. I think it’s a great idea to put salad inside the bread, the bread taste amazing after.


Voila, the biggest tiramisu I ever have.

Day 2:


The weather was much better in the morning even though it wasn’t as warm as we expected it should be like in Nice.


We decided to go for a walk along the beach and managed to take some nice photos and now it feels more like we were “actually” in Nice, isn’t it?




Ok, I have to mention about this here, whenever I manage to have some birds or airplanes in my photos. I feel so happy and kind of proud!



Typical houses by the beach here.


Beach again taken from the top of the mountain.


See, there is a bird in this photo!

We went for a little bit of adventures in the afternoon and I actually don’t know where I was as we were kind of lost here. But sometimes it is nice to get lost, we found all these cute spots and houses on the way back to the street.


Me standing in front of the biggest whatever what that is I have ever seen.


Such an interesting house here.




Sheer Fringe Top (Fringe Top with Sleeves)

Jeans (old Zara)

Straw Hat


As you can see, it started to rain again but we had a nice walk and a great adventure in the afternoon and couldn’t wait for the lunch appointment in Eze the day after.

See you later in Eze then! x


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  1. Andrea
    August 2, 2016 / 5:50 am

    great photos😊 and I love your looks. Nice is a gorgeous city and I totally agree with you that its great to discover both sides – the beach and all the conveniences offered by a mid sized city like Nice,
    have a fab day yours Andrea