Imagined Morocco Holiday-What to Wear

Since I learnt that the babes in the photo below are only 8-10 euro in Morocco, I can’t stop thinking of my next holiday in Morocco. Although it is not at all in the plan yet but the outfits certainly are planned!

morocco bags

Unlike my last holiday in Cannes, I left my about 100 bikinis home and went there with two sweaters but no bikini!? This time, I have done the research on weather, culture and location.  I might be still wrong (please let me know if I am) as it’s all in my imagination. And as it is, the price of my imagined idea outfits selection can go as high as Chanel high!

After my research,  basically my outfits will be devided into three styles:

1. It’s never too much. 2. “I can’t care less” desert chic 3. All ethnic beaches.

For “All Ethnic Beaches“, I am going to leave it for now. I will do it together with my coming up beachwear post next week as I am too excited in this finally-comes London summer and also to fulfill my desire for beach holidays (if you read my “Nice Nice” post.), It is going to be an “All Beaches” post!

And I will leave my super short shorts home with “tears” for my imagined Morocco holiday… you know how much I love them but due to the respect to the local cultures, I am going to be all casual but well dressed! It’s also going to be very little bags selection as I am coming back with several 8 euro ones in different colours and sizes! Yeah!

1. It’s never too much.

I can’t tell you how much I love pattern on pattern, texture on texture, colour on colour or let’s just put them all together! In the atmosphere of Morocco, seriously, games on! It is your opportunity to have lots of fun with it.

Below is my selections:

  • Let’s start with a basic Green/White/Black mix in different textures and embroidered details.

 Embroidery Jacket / Embroidery Tulle Top

Bottle Green Lace Top /  Colour Blocking Trousers

Colour Blocking Trousers / Bottle Green Slip-on

  • Now why don’t we just put everything together and have fun!

Multi Colour Turban / Pompom Necklace

Embroidery Top / Multi Colour Skirt / Black Slippers

Yellow Lace Top / CatEyes Sunglasses / Round Sunglasses


2. “I can’t care less” desert chic:

Looking at the desert photos, with the endless view of the endless. I feel all my worries are gone. (Even though there isn’t really any!) I just want to think nothing and feel nothing and I don’t care…

BUT… of course we do care and we care so much that we want people to think we don’t care and just walk out this chic without the need of a mirror… Actually you can when you got a selection of the items that go perfectly together to start with. Below is my selection of my “I can’t care less” desert chic:

  • All white and desert gold.


Inspiration image is from playbuzz

Tassel Chocker / Gold Earrings

Casual Henley Top / Lace Trousers Set

Braided Shoes / White Sneakers / Tassel Round Bag

  • Desert Sunset.
Inspiration image is from Dan Ashbash / Dan330 on Pinterest.

Open Back Top / Multi colour Trousers

Navy Casual Trousers / Tassel Necklace / Tassel Earrings

Floral Jacquard Flats / Chunky Sole Sneakers


3. All ethnic beaches:

As I mentioned earlier in the post, it’s going to be a all beaches post next week including this “all ethnic beaches”!


Now, I feel great whether I actually go to morocco or not! It’s like doing online shopping with all the items in the basket in and out and it’s totally free! Well I am still hoping I will make the trip. Let’s see!

And can’t wait to do my “All Beaches” post! x



  1. July 31, 2016 / 2:53 pm

    cute selection 😊 Morocco is an amazing country! I’ve been to Marrakesh many many years ago and its an absolute must see. xoxo Andrea

    • July 31, 2016 / 10:00 pm

      haha I actually don’t normally wear this kinda fancy stuffs but it is so fun to style them! and yes! I so want to go to Marrakesh. It is definitely on my list! Good night and have a great week ahead! xxx

  2. nina webb
    August 1, 2016 / 11:44 pm

    Love this post – so much detail and love all the prints! Morocco has always been a dream destination of mine – hope you get to go! Nina xo

  3. August 2, 2016 / 12:27 am

    Thank you so much Nina! I am happy you like it and if I get to go to Morocco, I sure will post lots of photos here! good night xo