When It Is Right, You Know

In collaboration with Welly Merck.

CODE H2W  for 20% off on all products at www.wellymerck.com.

stylebyH2W-when it is right, you know

When it is right, you know.

There are millions of watch brands out there these days. I am not going to pretend that I just randomly found Welly Merck and love it so much that I must introduce it. This post is from my Instagram collaboration and watches are gifted. Lots of companies approach me regularly but I am very selective about what I show on my IG and the quality of the images I post. If you ever read the successful social media influencers’ interviews, you will find one thing in common that they all tell you don’t do whatever comes to you. Believe or not, Camille even turned down a 100K USD collaboration because it wasn’t her style. Hopefully I will be able to get famous like her one day too. 😛 And trust me, you will never see anything I consider not good looking or bad products/service there. And when I saw the watches from Welly Merck, I know they are just right!

stylebyH2W-when it is right, you know


Swiss Quartz Movement + Sapphire Crystal Glass with very reasonable price.

I am sure you can find many much cheaper watch brands out there but they don’t come with this quality. Certainly don’t have Swiss quartz movement and sapphire crystal glass. I have those kind of watches too. They are cute, trendy and very cheap. You can have many and change all the times. I like some of them and have no complain about them for the price. But if you are looking for a real watch to keep, I am afraid you have to raise up the price a lot. But Welly Merck offers a very reasonable price for a watch to keep. A luxurious quality in an affordable price for almost everyone.

Trendy Style With Taste

I don’t think I need to say too much about this here, you can see yourself from the photos. The design is simple, timeless and trendy at the same time. I also like the logo that give a statement look. You can see I have a logo too for my blog. Not everyone has a name of a star originally but I believe a good logo is the key for a good marketing.

All about the details

One sided mesh strap opening. This might sound weird but you can see from here. The opening (or you can call closure) of the watch is ones sided only which is different from the usual two sided for mesh strap. Two sided means one part is fixed for the specific size of the wrist and the other part is just to close up. One sided means you adjust the strap length you need each time while closing up the strap. it is completely adjustable with flexibility for different wrist sizes. You can totally share the watch with your partner with different wrist sizes in this case. And I personally had bad experience with the double sided mesh strap before. The fixed part of the closure is falling apart from day one. I am very pleased with this one sided closure idea.

The watch is very thin which I really like. Personally, I think thin watches give a more delicate and expensive look. The two I am showing here are in different sizes. Silver/White Dial is 42mm from Men’s collection. Rosegold/Black Dial is 36mm from Women’s collection. Both are 6mm only case thickness. My wrist is 14cm. You can see how they look on me. I like them both to be honest on men and women. I don’t mind 36mm even on men but probably not smaller than 36mm.

Love the adjustment part not right in the middle. If you look at the watch closely, you will notice one thing quite not usual is the adjustment part of the watch. (Sorry I don’t know how to call it.) I really like this idea. That part sometimes is kind of in the way when I move my wrist around especially for big watches on my not so big wrist. By moving to the lower side of the watch case, it will not be the problem anymore.

If you are interesting in more details about the watch technically, you can find them here. To know the brand better, you can find it here.


Discount Code

CODE H2W  for 20% off on all products at www.wellymerck.com

I am not an expert of watches technically even though I always love them. But a good price I sure know!

Below photos are how I style them. You will see full outfit details in the coming posts. x

stylebyH2W-when it is right, you know stylebyH2W-when it is right, you know stylebyH2W-when it is right, you know stylebyH2W-when it is right, you knowstylebyH2W.com- a perfect bargain blouse for spring summer


Watches are gifted but the opinions are mine and honest.


    • May 6, 2017 / 10:07 am

      haha thanks hun! that was quick! I am still adjusting the post. 😛
      happy weekend there x HsinWei

  1. May 6, 2017 / 8:49 pm

    That watch is really nice! I prefer thinner watches too because my wrists are small and big watches look too bulky on me.