Good To Be Different

Sometimes it feels good to be different. to be to be to be different

These are very different kind of photos from what I normally do as you can see. As simple as the photos might look, they are actually some of the most challenging ones I have ever done. But to me it is always fun and more fulfilling to try something different.

Nudeite Parfum and I are very different. You know my style is not exactly minimum even though I always like simple designs and pieces. But Nudeite is very much about minimalist beauty with all natural and organic ingredients… We kind of find each other through Instagram. You can see how different we are from our IGs. ( Nudeite parfum & mine, _h2w_)

To be honest, I actually didn’t know what they were at the beginning. But I just liked how minimum and different their style was from everything else I had seen these days. And having kind of sensitive skin and nose allergy to several things myself with sister and friend who are allergy to perfumes, it is always good to know there are something out there designed for us specially. to be different to be different

Nudeite Parfum has very different and tasteful packaging designs. The style looks almost like home essential oils. From the look of them, I didn’t know how to use them at first. You probably won’t know what they are either. I called them “house perfume” at first because they look so chic like house decoration to display on your desk or bathroom. The two products I have here are Perfume Oil (see photos above) and Parfum Solide (see photos below).

Parfum Oil

Quoted from their website, “it is a simply nude perfume oil. Apply to the skin on pulse points to release our perfect blend of pure and organic essential oils and absolutes. Housed in a handmade ceramic vessel enabling you to have a beautiful keep sake too.”



I was recommended this one as I normally go for something more unisex. The main ingredient is Tonka Bean which is new to me and mix with my favourite woody notes of Cedar and Patchouli and the sweetness from Mandarin. Just by smelling at it, it is quite strong with the mixture of bitterness with sweetness. I think the bitterness is from Tonka Bean but I am not the expert of it and never tried Tonka Bean alone. I can also smell the sweetness from Mandarin but tone down with the freshness of Patchouli. But on me, it actually smell more sweet but not bitter. I don’t know if I can call it woody sweet? But it is sweet in a very good way to my taste. For those who love unisex perfume, I think you will like this one. But of course all perfumes react differently on different person. And that is the beauty of them. to be different to be different

Quoted from Nudeite Parfum, “It is a natural solid perfume. Our organic/natural essential oils are encased within a beeswax base to make this small perfume capsule travel friendly. Housed in a handmade ceramic ‘pebble’, protected by a felt pouch, you can carry it with you or admire it on display at home…”
I adore this shape. It is so pratical and to me they definitely look very chic in the bathroom specially.

               Three Am

Main ingredients are Blackcurrant (Cassis) + Violet Leaf. If you use perfume, you probably know Blackcurrant already. For those who are interested in this mixture, just to let you know that it is Violet leaf with kind of sharp and fresh smell not the sweet woody Violet flowers. I didn’t read the ingredients properly and thought it would be sweet and more evening feminine style at first. But turned out to be an unisex combination too which I like very much. This is the one I have been using since I got it about two weeks ago. It does smell sharper almost like ginger in the ceramic “pebble” but softer/more subtle with freshness and even a bit woody on me. It doesn’t feel sweet on me at all which is another thing I really like about it. And maybe I am crazy, it actually smell very different on my finger than on my pulse too. This one is a go-to perfume to me for the season.



Below are the photos in process. And again I am not an expert of the perfume. I can only share with you my honest opinion and experience. If you are interested, please check out Nudeite Parfum for the better idea of the concept and things you need to know about the brand and products. to be to be different to be different


Products are sponsored. Opinions are mine.

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  1. May 20, 2017 / 4:57 pm

    Great photos dear! Really nice! I struggle with product shots and flatlays too. But these are amazing really.

    And these products are quite interesting, I am allergic to fragrance and reading these are natural and organic might just be fine to use.