Bourne and Hollings Worth

Ok, as I promised on my Instagram @_h2w_ that I am going to start a blog to share my photos (which I have a lot!), my life experiences in London and from travelling.

I am starting with this beautiful garden style restaurant/bar called “Bourne and Hollings Worth“. The name sounds kind of cool to me.


It is located in a small and new neighborhood not too far from Angel station where you can find several cool places around and as you can see it’s a very in the trend black industrial looking building.


Voila, me standing in front of the building.

I actually came back here again to take this photo. As the first time, I forgot to take the photo of the outlook. I want to show the contrast between the exterior and the interior.

Photo below is me standing in front of the green house of this place.

IMG_20160717_171133Floral printed DressClutch


Super cute green house.


Now we are inside of the green house. It is really charming, isn’t it? of course there are lots of greens but what I really like about it is the vintage furniture especially those chairs covered by tropical print fabric. This tropical look totally cheer up London’s (normally) not so charming summer weather.


Oops sorry my weird face.


Now, let’s look at how cosy the Green house again from the other side. Seriously, give me a hammock, I could take an afternoon nap here.


Main dining area. I am in love with everything here and this table… a big love! Wish I had my dinner here instead but if you want a good spot for dinner, reservation is needed.


See how cute these chairs are!

And now, here comes the important part, foods!

With the help of lovely Simone from this beautiful restaurant, I had Grilled white asparagus and fried pheasant egg as starter, Curious Porter Pork as main and my favorite panna cotta which is sublime!

I really enjoyed the foods here (I am always happy when I eat.) The price, as expected, is not low… but well, look at the charming surrounding… You can’t have it all!


Grilled white asparagus and fried pheasant egg and nettle dressing. Everything go so well together and light which I like for summer.


Curious Porter Pork . The Pork is perfectly cooked. I am hungry already just to think about it.


Now, we are in the corner of the Bar area. The painting, the light, the sofas, the stone fireplace… do I need to say more?! I want to remove this whole thing back to my place!



Me in Zara total look although the white blouse hidden underneath is from Mango.

As a fashion addict, I still have to talk about the outfit and we always travel in style wherever we go, don’t we?!

Belted Pyjamas style Jacket (get it if you still can, I don’t think this trend is finishing yet)

Lingerie style Shorts (old) / similar here and here

Velvet Loafer (old)


Bar and smily guys working in the bar.


Can I have all these chairs please?


Me again 😀 as I mentioned at the very beginning, I have lots of photos!

I hope you like this place as I do and for those in London, everything in this place is … very Instagramble! if you need more than just a good time.

And hopefully my second post will come out sooner! x