Lisbon and My Obsession

This is a throwback from part of my last holiday in South France, Spain and Lisbon.

I am going to call it a photo gallery instead of a post as you aren’t going to read any Lisbon history, culture or learn any intellectual details from me but you are going to see what I saw and hopefully like them as I do.

I am starting with Lisbon as it is the last stop and one of my favorite cities and I will try to throwback to the rest of them.

Day 1:

We arrived in the afternoon from Madrid and to be honest with you, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I already had a great time in several different places before arriving in Lisbon. But it was love of the first sight.


It was very hard not to fall in love with the city when there was a suite like this ready and waiting for you. And of course, as you probably know me already before coming to this blog, I sure took lots of photos in the room!

I don’t know if you heard of a film called “In the mood for love”. I felt I was acting in that film while taking these photos.


“A room with a view”. (ok another old film I like.)




The street outside of the hotel room. The whole area is just like in a film. isn’t it?



Lunch at A Cevicheria just few minutes away from the hotel. I was expecting to have all traditional foods as tourists do but the driver highly recommended this place so here we came. The foods might look kind of “not normal” but they tasted amazing with only healthy ingredients. And I loved the flooring here so much that I had to take my foods photos with the flooring too.

After lunch we went straight to Jeronimos Monastrey (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) by taxi and know what! It was only 7 euro for an almost 30 minutes ride! Really, at that moment, when I saw the price, I wanted to move to Lisbon right away!


You are going to see more of this place later as stupid me that I didn’t know I could enter and only took a few photos outside until later in the night that (thanks to Instagram) I discovered the true beauty is actually inside of this wall where I was standing in front of in the photo above. I had to come back again the second day.

After this, we went to have the famous Pastéis de Belém not far from this place. I know, eating again! I am not proud as we just had lunch less than two hours ago but well, eating is the fun part of the travelling too! And if you haven’t had this, you haven’t had Portuguese custard tarts at all! Yes, it is that good that I had four of them plus some other cakes too.


This photo was taken next to Pastéis de Belem.

I was wearing an 11 euro Printed Off the Shoulder Dress and matching necklace I found in Madrid.

Day 2:





Here I was again in the same place, Jeronimos Monastrey (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos), I couldn’t believe I missed out this beauty the first time. Learnt from me then, remember to do research before visiting any place!


In the Afternoon, we spent most of the time wondering around in the old town.



Blue and White tiles houses. I wish I could get some photos with them but the light was way too strong and the photos didn’t come out well.




Now you can see how beautiful the weather was that day.


Ok, this photo is definitely very Lisbon.


A random photo that I saw on the way back and don’t know where to place it but this architecture is just too beautiful that I have to share with you… and sorry I couldn’t get a better photo as it is in the middle of the street with lots of people around the whole time.


An amazing view also taken on the way back to hotel.

And now the outfit, again as we always travel in style, do you remember?


White Lacy Top ( peach version/ Dress Version in Black)

Black Chiffon Shorts (old)

Bow Slippers (similar here)

Colour blocking Straw hat (similar here)


My Lisbon Obsession

Below are the photos of my Lisbon Obsession – Ding Ding Trams. If you don’t like them or have seen too many of them, you can stop from here.


Firstly, do they really call Ding Ding Tram as my friend told me… I have no idea but it sounds cute enough to me so that is what I am going to call them!


See, how cute!


Yellow on yellow.


Red on Red.


Green on Green. It’s pity that I couldn’t get any photo with green houses but I actually didn’t see many green houses in Lisbon.


Cutie x 2 . Too cute!!


Voila, the important one!… Me and the Ding Ding Tram!!

Ok if you think I am crazy, you are probably right!

See you next time then. x