Pharmacy 2

Pharmacy 2, the restaurant inside the gallery which I mentioned in my Jeff Koons Now post and it really is a restaurant not a pharmacy even though it looks just like one.

I have actually just learnt it s called Pharmacy 2 instead of Pharmacy. The reason it is called 2 is because it is a relaunch of Notting Hill’s Pharmacy in 1997 which I have no idea at all as I was still in Taiwan at that time. This time, the restaurant is still owned by Damien Hirst opening inside his Newport Street Gallery where he exhibits his personal art collection (see Jeff Koons Now post) and he also exhibits some of his own art inside restaurant. Ok, enough of introduction and it all sounds kind of cool.


The entrance of the restaurant, an installation made by many different kind of pills. To be honest with you, I didn’t notice it, my attention was drawn away by the pill-shaped stools and the very colourful interior inside the restaurant.


Very colourful interior.


We are looking at the pill-shaped stool from the top and you can the medical supplies inside bar table.




The venue is kind of fun to look at even though it is not really my type of atmosphere but I can imagine it was a hit in 1997.


Now, the important part, foods.

The food is by Mark Hix . They sure taste good but very tiny portions and obviously with high price because it is by Hix! I wasn’t really impressed by the menu though, I thought I would see something different considered it is located inside Newport Street Gallery with this kind of “weird” interior. Maybe I was just too hungry and expected more of it.


Ha, now you can see how tiny they are! I was even more hungry after!


Now this is what happened after too much “drugs” !

I have to say the drink here is pretty good and I was very pleased it matched my new nail colour!


Same outfit as I wore for “Jeff Koons Now” exhibit. Of course it was the same outfit, I actually really went there for the exhibit not to photograph my OOTDs specially lol.

Printed Bodysuit (Mauve Version)

Faux Python Shorts (similar here)

Python Clutch (similar here)

Faux Python Loafers.

Next time I will show you a restaurant with more foods! x



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