Bath Spa – Be a Tourist, Dress as One.

img_20161003_121618Ok, now I probably have to start from an explanation of the title. Based on my google results, there are lots of “how not to look like a tourist” but I couldn’t find anything talking about dressing as one. There are two reasons I gave this title. Firstly, I have no problem of looking like one as long as I feel like a chic one and most importantly, I feel comfortable of myself. I do believe for travelling, of course you need to respect the local culture and what the important is the weather, how much you are going to walk, what the purpose of your visit then “looking like a Parisian when in Paris”… I am more than happy to “look like a Londoner (or myself) in Paris”. Secondly and the main reason of my title is for the fashionistas actually, you will read it in the middle section.

And I was thinking to separate this post into two parts as I have so many photos to share with you but at the end decided to put them together all in one go… So get ready for lots of photo bombs! I am going to start with a bit of introduction of Bath since it is kind of a travel post and I am in the academic mood but I will try to keep it as brief as possible. If you are here just for the outfit post, then you can skip this part out and roll down to the middle half.

Bath Spa, for those who really enjoy historical architecture kind of tours, you probably don’t want to miss out this place. I was invited to come over several times as a friend of mine was studying here years ago but surprisingly I didn’t go! I only went for the first time weeks ago for a day trip and I believe this won’t be the last time!

As this place called Bath Spa, let’s start from the Great Spa at the Roman Baths. All the baths are built around hot springs.img_20160928_225132

Blow photo is the little one by the side. It would be great if I could one of that home! But well as far as I know Bath Spa is the only place with natural hot springs so I probably need to move over. 😛


Next to the Roman Baths is the famous Bath Abbey.


Above last photo was taken at the upper level of the Great Bath.


An arch I like next to the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey.

Until now, you probably have noticed that the whole city seems to be in gold colour. Most of the architectures and buildings in Bath are made by local Bath stone which is in light gold colour and in Georgian style. You are going to see more in the coming photos and maybe I am still in my Autumn Gold fever (I have mentioned from one of my earlier posts.), I find them really charming. Living in London, you would often see Victoria and Edwardian houses which are basically white and brick coloured houses and if you have followed me on my Instagram, _h2w_, you know I am in love with brick houses but now I think I might have “cheated” on my old “brick love” with my new “gold love”. 😛



Coming photos are river Avon and Pulteney Bridge which is one of the only four bridges have shops across and at both ends of the bridges.


Above photo is the view on top of the bridge. You probably won’t realize you are on the bridge if you weren’t told.


A cutest flower shop on the bridge.

Now here comes the real photo bombs – lots of me basically in my travel outfit as a real tourist. :))




Just to let you know that even though I tend to match my outfits with the scenes normally but I don’t travel one place just to do some outfit photoshoots though and that is the main reason I gave this title. I am sure you have seen many fashionistas in four inches heels with flowy ultra long chiffon dresses in the fields, on the mountain or by the beach and etc… please do not kill yourself with four inches heels just so you look good on photos. But of course this is agree or disagree… Whatever please you as I always say and well the results do look beautiful in the “fashionista way”… Ok, enough moaning, here I am in probably my favorite and most comfortable loafers. They basically travel with me for all my trips. I bought five of them in one go few years ago and was planning to wear them for the next several years. A hat, a scarf and crossed-body bag are also my travel essentials. A hat is to avoid sun and to prevent rain. A crossed body bag, so my both hands and arms are free. A scarf, I am sure you know what scarf is for. Voila, my travel outfit is done and hope you like it!

Star Scarf (sold out)(Zara)(similar)(reversed version)

Bang T-shirt (sold out)(Zara)(have and love this one)

Acid Washed Legging Jeans (old)(similar)

Laced Bomber (Na-kd)

Black Felted Hat (old)(similar)

Loafers (old)(similar)

Gold Watch (Nicole Vienna)

Quilted Crossed-Body Bag (Gucci)(budget)

I am now going to end the post with many photos of my rainbow bubbles obsession. Thank you for reading my blahblahblah again! See you next time then. x



  1. October 20, 2016 / 10:38 am

    Bath is such a beautiful city 🌙

    • October 23, 2016 / 5:41 pm

      it is :))

    • October 23, 2016 / 5:40 pm

      I would love to live there though, such a beautiful place.

  2. November 10, 2016 / 8:15 am

    Love bath

  3. December 29, 2016 / 11:32 pm

    Lived just outside of Bath in 2014-15. A fantastic place! Wonderful photos you’ve posted.