Cambridge One Day Trip

I had a chance to travel to Cambridge at the beginning of March. As usual came back with lots of photos and of course new experience. Now you know this is a throwback post. Due to the schedule, I didn’t have opportunity to share it but well, it is never too late and better to share than keeping it to myself. 🙂 - Cambridge one day tripOur Lady and the English Martyrs Church


From my one day trip to Cambridge, I have learnt a few things. They are very personal and nothing from google though. As they are all personal, they might not be the facts and you might experience something completely different.

  • Cambridge is one of the photogenic places I have seen and look very impressive on photos. I am not trying to say it doesn’t look good in reality. It is beautiful and definitely a great place to visit.
  • Because this place is so photogenic with so many different kind of sceneries in one small area, it is perfect for Bloggers, Instagrammer or whoever like taking and sharing photos but doesn’t have much time to travel around.
  • If you are an Art lover, you need more than one day. There are great museums with lots of artworks to see and free.
  • If you are there for only one day or short time, punting might be the easiest way to go around the city centre. The city centre is built along the river with lots of buildings owned by different colleges. The famous places in Cambridge are those by the river. You can see them all in less than an hour.



  • There are several punting services in Cambridge. Those stop you in the street are not legit and without license and insurance. But they are sure cheaper. The punting services by the riverside are legit but more expensive. But just to let you know that you can easily get a student discount even if you are not a student anymore. 😛
  • If you don’t go with punting, then you have to pay the colleges individually to see places inside. It takes much longer time to visit by foot individually and cost much more money too. But of course, the beauty of visiting by foot from the ground is different from visiting from the riverside. It is so much more in details to visit them individually in person one by one than just over seeing them from the river on the boats. I would say, if you have enough time and budget, perhaps you can do both.
  • Foods in the market in the city is not bad but the foods are more expensive than I expected. From what I heard from friends, the Chelsea buns from Fitzbillies Bakery are amazing. I didn’t have time to try them so I can’t tell you if they are really that good or not. If you have tried them before, please let me know if they are worth of the name.
  • One last one, this is for my girlfriends specially. Please don’t laugh at me by adding this…If you are expecting to meet some super smart and future successful guys here, you might get really disappointed. Lots of teenagers in the street here. There are not many actual uni students from my observation. But well, I was there for just a day, if you stay for much longer and really dig in then you might get lucky! 😀 - Cambridge one day tripTeenagers in the city central.

Voila, that’s all for now and again, these are all personal, not official tourist guide though. If you want, you can find the official informations here. And below are more photos taken during the trip. From an Instagram addict‘s point of view. They are totally instagrammable! - Cambridge one day trip - Cambridge one day - Cambridge one day tripSorry so many photos of Bridge of Sighs. It is just too beautiful. - Cambridge one day trip - Cambridge one day trip - Cambridge one day trip University of Cambridge. - Cambridge one day tripKing’s College and the Backs. - Cambridge one day - Cambridge one day tripMathematical Bridge - Cambridge one day trip - Cambridge one day tripSaint John’s College - Cambridge one day tripBeautiful blossom by Great St. Mary’s. - Cambridge one day trip - Cambridge one day tripMore photos from riverside. - Cambridge one day tripCute shopping street in the city. - Cambridge one day tripLast photo of the post and you are going to see more photos of this amazing architecture in my next outfit post.


  1. March 28, 2017 / 9:21 am

    Wow, these photos are amazing. Now I can´t await your next outfit post!
    xoxo Reni