Mood Of The Moment of the moment

“Mood Of The Moment” wasn’t my first choice for the title before actually writing this post. I  was going to go for something more spring popular like “Beautiful Blossom” or anything to do with “Blossom”. But indeed “blossom” is also my mood of the moment. I just can’t get enough of it whether it is in pink or white or purple or any colour. Spring blossom is just too beautiful not to love. Don’t you agree? of the moment

But the main reason I re titled it to “Mood Of The Moment” is because I am going to share with you something very personal in this blog post. I see my Instagram as a community. But there are certain things just seem not right to talk about there. To me, Instagram is always about something visual, something beautiful to the eyes even if there is a deeper meaning behind. Blog is different, I feel I am writing these not just to share but mainly for myself. I enjoy doing it even though I am aware there are way less people checking blogs compare to the other social media channels like IG, Facebook, Youtube and etc… Anyway, let’s just say the personal thing I am going to share here is a secret in between us who read blogs. :))

Finally, and our little secret here is I am scheduled for an operation this week if I don’t get sick on the day. I am keeping the detail of the operation to myself but just to let you know it is a small procedure and nothing much to worry about. Even though I am fully aware it is not a big deal to the doctors and I told my mum who is not in London with me that it is totally easy like a very brave daughter. But I am not going to lie that I am still kind of scared of it. It is just not something we do normally right? … According to the doctor, as long as I take painkiller on schedule, I shouldn’t feel much pain after. Hopefully that is true. But I have reserved lots of throwback photos for my Instagram posts. Just in case I need a bit more time for recovery. Finger crossed I am going to be as strong as the doctor said and carry on working as usual just few days after. Let’s see. 🙂

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Red Slippers (love these, in black and in pale grey) | Bag (old but pre-loved version here) of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the moment

Photos were taken in Notting Hill.



  1. April 18, 2017 / 11:00 pm

    Gorgeous photos, I’m also obsessed with cherry blossoms. I prefer blogging to instagram for the reasons you said, I like that it’s more personal 🙂 and it’s totally normal to be nervous, I hope everything goes well for you! xx

  2. April 19, 2017 / 12:00 am

    Really love these coated jeans paired with this embroidered top, hopefully your recovery is quick and painless!!!
    Areli’s April // On Bloglovin

  3. April 19, 2017 / 11:05 am

    I wish you all the best, dear for your operation. Hope you will recover very soon. Much love and goog vibes ❤❤❤
    from Reni

  4. April 20, 2017 / 2:27 am

    Love that top! And we have the same slippers! 😍💕 Just followed you on Instagram. Hope you’d follow back! 🤗

  5. April 21, 2017 / 3:42 am

    I know any kind of surgery is scary. We’re lucky though, that we live in places where doctors are really wonderful and good. That’s what I have to focus on when I get surgery. These doctors are smart and good people. I hope that can bring you some comfort. If not, you could bring your favorite stuffed animal to surgery…. that’s what I did! My mom has done the same thing too! And when she came out of surgery her stuffed monkey had a bandaid on! One of the nurses did it to lighten the mood. 🙂 And it made us laugh, for sure.

    Much love to you and yours! ~