Venice Trip Outfits – Part I - Venice outfits

I am not proud that I am now here writing a post about the outfits of my trip from more than 3 weeks ago. There isn’t any excuse, I have been lazy, that’s all… and I am still in holiday mood. I guess I always am!

Even though I used to travel to Venice for christmas almost every year when I was in uni.. But this is the very first time I travelled there as a blogger. I guess you all know Venice is pretty much one of the most important Insta travel spots. Of course I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for good photos with good outfits. Before travelling, I had a “spy” on several travel bloggers. Looking at OhhCouture‘s prettiest, most romantic and modern princessy looks wherever she travels to and HappilyGrey’s iconic Venice photo in gorgeous Self-Protrait all white lace dress and many more all stage ready outfits from several bloggers… It is like a bloggers’ fashion war there! I was almost ready to go for a full luggage of “romance” and travel to Venice like a carefree princess or a theatre actress… BUT… Before the trip, while packing, I was looking at the 30+ degree weather report and all the dreamy outfits from the bloggers… I was debating… at the end I travelled there with a few dressy pieces but mainly as an easy traveller. And I am glad I did.


– A Touch Of Glamorous –

I always admire people wearing long necklaces.  I find them very chic and feminine even though they aren’t actually what I normally wear. But here I am giving it a go in my personal “less feminine” style with a touch of glamorous. These necklaces really give a basic jersey top and denim shorts look a completely different level. I personally like the result very much. The necklaces are from LuckyEyesLondon. They are even prettier in person with just enough of sparkles and the rose gold is perfect to me in the prettiest pink. I love their Ibiza collection very much too. You can find them here.


Featured / Similar Items - Venice outfits - Venice - Venice outfits


– Favourite Skirt –

A midi tiered skirt certainly doesn’t sound like a practical item. I didn’t think it was either at first. But it turned out to be one of my best buy this season. I have been wearing it several times and start to feel actually skirts are more comfortable than trouser sometimes especially in the hot weather, ex. in Venice. And having a not completely casual but still comfortable outfit with you to me is quite necessary for travelling. There are always possibilities for less casual occations. I normally wear this skirt with sneakers and T. or something less formal and dressy. It is just a personal preference that I like the mixture of formal and causal when it comes to style. This H&M skirt comes in nude pink too which I love and now a floral print in very similar shape as well.


Featured / Similar Items - Venice outfits - Venice outfits - Venice outfits


– Travel in Trend –

Gingham + Bardot shoulder line in one. This Jumpsuit is a perfect combination to me and also to the fashion trends. It is so comfortable to wear as well and trust me, it gives an instant better figure. This my kinda perfect jumpsuit from New Look comes in black and navy too. And it is only 14.99 pounds! There is also a pretty pale blue version for the petites.


Featured / Similar Items - Venice outfits - Venice outfits


I split the rest of outfits into the next post including the one in the very first photo of this post. I think it’s a bit crazy to put 7 in one post! 😛 Please check it out here if you have time. x


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  1. 12/07/2017 / 1:10 am

    I love that the tiered skirt has been a great buy, I love it when something unexpected becomes a favourite 🙂
    Great packing, Venice looks amazing

  2. 12/07/2017 / 1:10 am

    I love that the tiered skirt has been a great buy, I love it when something unexpected becomes a favourite 🙂
    Great packing, Venice looks amazing

  3. 12/07/2017 / 3:35 am

    Oh you’re not being lazy dear! Three weeks ago is not that long. Thanks for sharing your travel outfits! I’m loving his post plus your outfits are all fab. The maxi dress with the furry sandals is just gorge. I can’t pick one favorite. I see myself wearing all outfits. 😍💕

  4. 12/07/2017 / 11:24 am

    They’re all beautiful. Well chosen for a place like Venice! And you look awesome in all of them.
    💕 Reni