Venice Trip Outfits – Part II - Venice outfitsToo many outfits and photos so I decided to break into 2 posts. Above photo is from previous post, Venice Trip Outfits-Part I.


– All Tourist –

My kinda easy tourist look. A basic denim shorts with a not so basic Mango top. Easy and comfortable. The bag here is in perfect size and perfect shape for everyday use and for travelling. It is from Lili_Radu. It comes in several different colours. I love them all and I love the rounded shape design too. You can find it here. Visor was bought in Venice. You can find many different styles and colours straw hats in Venice. I really regret that I didn’t get a boater’s hat there!! But it’s ok, I managed to get one from Asos delivered to me over night. :))


Featured / Similar Items - Venice - Venice outfits - Venice outfits - Venice outfits


– A Romantic Me –

As much as I think it is funny that people travel in such dressy and not practical style across all social media. I secretly wanted to look like that and all dreamy too (oops) and packed this dress with me. This dress to me is a love of the first sight. But I need to be honest with you, it is no doubt a gorgeous piece but really too much for walking around all day long as a tourist. I didn’t walk far with this dress. I was just walking around the hotel, had brunch and went back to change to shorts again. But it is definitely a good souvenir to have photos in your favourite princess or romantic looks in such a beautiful city. If you have enough space, pack one or two just to have some postcard like photos done as a beautiful memory. This dress is from Cameo Rose, you can find it in New Look and I am actually quite impressed by New Look lately. You can find some very nice things in much cheaper price than the other high street.


Featured / Similar Items - Venice - Venice outfits


– Just Chill –

This look is from last day of the trip in mix and match of things I got from previous looks. I just wanted to have the most relaxed day before going back. The look is all simple but I added a little silk scarf to give a different feel. Little details really can change the look completely. I always travel with scarves in winter and in summer too. The light weight summer one looks great tied on the bag or on the wrist too. Or you can even wear it as headband or as headscarf like the queen. You can see the Queen headscarf style here. - Venice outfits


– London Traveller –

As a Londoner, you always have to travel everywhere with something to keep you warm just in case. And it is normally cold when you are back in London from aboard. This gorgeous intarsia knitted bomber from Giada Benincasa is perfect for a bit chilli London Spring Summer and actually in the very early morning in Venice too if you plan to start your day super early. The bomber is not only super cute but also in amazing quality. There is one size M left with 40% off at FarFetch. You can even get extra 20% on sales items with code x20july17Β !!Β You can find it here.Β Giada Benincasa has great collections in beautiful colours. If you don’t know the brand already, it worth to check it out. You can find it here.


Featured / Similar Items - Venice outfits - Venice - venice outfit

Voila finito! Sorry for the super outfits bombs! I know 7 in one go is a lot but I think putting them all in 2 posts is better than separate 7 posts. Let me know how you think? And I am still working on the travel post. Hope to finish very soon. x


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    • July 12, 2017 / 1:59 am

      thank you! I am glad you like them πŸ™‚ x

  1. July 11, 2017 / 11:02 pm

    Love all of these outfits! And I’m jealous of your travels, I really want to visit Italy. Haha I’m guilty of making too many travel outfit posts, but personally I like to do so because then I have a lot of content prepared and I can take a break from shooting when I get home.

    • July 12, 2017 / 1:58 am

      haha now I get what you mean by making many travel outfits posts!! but yours are like travelling posts . mine are 2 ootd ootd posts… so you are excused πŸ˜› just kidding. love all your NYC posts! now I really want to go back to New York again!

  2. July 12, 2017 / 3:37 am

    Keep these outfits coming babe! I think I need that visor hat in my closet for my next travel too. I wish I can visit London soon so I could meet you. That would be awesome! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

    • July 16, 2017 / 1:05 am

      let me know if you ever come to London! x HsinWei

  3. July 12, 2017 / 10:25 am

    the outfits are really lovely. next time you go on your travels, promise you’ll take me? πŸ˜‰
    lol.. nice post

  4. July 12, 2017 / 10:59 am

    love the outfits… promise you’ll take me next time you go on your travels? πŸ˜‰
    love all the looks.. nice post dear.

  5. July 12, 2017 / 10:59 am

    I love them all, especially the dress. You look awesome in it. And the colour ❀❀❀.
    😍 Reni

    • July 16, 2017 / 1:06 am

      that dress is love of the first sight! :))