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After living in London for years, people often ask me “where to stay?”, “what to do?”, “where to eat?” these days instead of asking me how I am in London like they used to. Thanks guys for being so caring! … ok, Just kidding 😛 … But I actually totally get where these questions are from. London is one of those cities that is almost fully developed, you can have hundreds or even thousands of places to choose from everywhere. If you aren’t familiar with the city, you might end up being in a place that is not practical at all for you. On top of that, there is nothing ‘cheap’ here in London, even a hotel miles away from city centre might cost you a fortune too!

I have been wanting to share my experience and to introduce the best places to stay, to eat and to go for a long time. Finally and the very first to share with you is Corinthia Hotel.

Corinthia Experience

The first thing welcomed us was the beautifully arranged flowers installation, the eye catching Baccarat Chandelier in The Crystal Moon Lounge and the hospitality of the Corinthia team. Straight away, from the historical exterior of Whitehall Place, we entered a modern fairytale where the hotel itself is a destination to visit in London. h2w x corinthia h2w x corinthia h2w x corinthia h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience

English Afternoon Tea

After settling luggages in the suite. My Corinthia experience started with an English afternoon tea with my gorgeous friend, Claudia. If you are here for a British experience, it is not quite complete without afternoon tea. Afternoon tea was reserved for royal family and the upper class in the olden days, but it is now actually a real lifestyle here for everyone. Many people I know think this is just for tourists and don’t like to do things that are “designed” for them specially. But I can tell you, It is not just something fancy for tourist, It is the the real life here and yes, sometimes British lifestyle can be just that chic in a way. Isn’t this what you travel all the way here for? 🙂 As a years of “faux” Londoner, I am now addicted to afternoon tea and have it very regularly. I am also always looking to try new places. I was very excited to try the Corinthia Afternoon tea for the first time and even more excited to be introduced that afternoon tea place in Corinthia is at The Crystal Moon Lounge. What can be an even better starting of the experience in such a dreamy place!?

The afternoon tea started with a selection of black and white teas. As we all are more into black tea, we were introduced to try out one called “Welcome”. If you are a black tea person and love something slightly stronger, I highly recommend you to try it. Personally, I think it goes very well with the selection of sandwiches. h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience

I am loving the presentation of the sandwiches. You might think they are just sandwiches cut in small rectangle shape. But if you have tried out several places, you would see the difference. It is all about the detail that defines the real luxury. They came beautifully cut, neatly presented with right amount of everything. I am also loving the not so strong taste here but with just enough of flavours. My favourite one is cucumber sandwich. It is so refreshing that I think I can have it everyday and not get bored of it ever. h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience

After sandwiches, we changed to another black tea called “Chocolate”. Isn’t it just so cute especially to have it with sweets? If you are a chocolate person, you would love this tea comes with a strong chocolate scent. Scones with clotted cream and jam are always my favourite afternoon tea treats and I am also loving this red bite size teacake in the photo below. It was so yummy that I had 2 by myself. Overall, I can tell you Corinthia afternoon tea is one of the best in London. It will be a great experience for not only visitors who want an english afternoon tea experience but also Londoners who want to have a great time with friends and nice treats in the afternoon. h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experienceSorry my hair look like a watermelon the day of stay in Corinthia.


The Stay

My stay was at the Trafalgar Suite with a really specious living area, work space and a bedroom. You can see more clear interior from the Corinthia link here. The Living area is surrounded by large windows with the amazing London street view. All rooms including bathroom with beautiful views is one of my favourite part of the suite. h2w x corinthia experience Thanks Corinthia Hotel for the delicious welcome Champaign and chocolates. h2w x corinthia experienceA room  surrounded by London street view. h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience

The interior of Trafagar Suite is a mixture of modern and classic styles. Love the cosiness of the bedroom interior decorated in beige and lavender colours. h2w x corinthia experience

Bathroom is always one of the most important part of my hotel experience. The one in Trafalgar Suite is one of the best ones I have ever had. Very chic marble interior, under-floor heating, separate Tropical Rain Shower, double washing area and a window with an amazing view. Seriously, you can’t ask for more from this interior and I so wish that was my actual bathroom at home! h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience

For those who are picky about the washing products, Corinthia offers amazing products from Espa. Personally, I don’t need to bring my own ones, I am more than happy with the quality. But of course this can be something very personal. h2w x corinthia experience

Another feature I adore is the walk in wardrobe in-between living area and bedroom. There are so many details here I would love to introduce to my own flat. The details of this wardrobe is definitely one of them. h2w x corinthia experience



Breakfast is always the most important time of my day. Breakfast in Corinthia is served in a beautiful space as you can see from the photos below. I also love how many choices of the foods from different cultures they offer here and how the tables are all carefully arranged in details. Apart from the experience that Corinthia offered, I had a great breakfast time here that I think worth sharing. Many people rate hotel by the price, facilities, services, locations and etc. To me, the level of the guests that are sharing the space together is also very important. I had a great conversation with a very lovely American old gentleman next to me during the breakfast. He told me he always stayed in Corinthia every time he came to London and loved how convenient it is for him to visit wherever he wanted to go in London especially the operas and theatres he loves. I don’t know if it was my luck, during my stay in Corinthia, people I met all seem to be as sophisticated as the hotel itself. To me, this is also very important to a great experience. h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia experience h2w x corinthia h2w x corinthia experienceMe having a fun conversation with the old gentleman that’s why I changed the seat with my friend.


The Spa

After early breakfast, I had a break back in the suite and spent a bit of time in the award winning spa after. If you are from London, you probably have heard about this famous spa. The spa is suited over 4 floors with several different sections including Thermal Floor where you can have all the relaxation facilities you need including Sauna, Steam room, Water Massga and etc. it is a perfect place to spend time and to relax after a day of London visit. Gym, apart from several equipments you need so you don’t stop your exercise routine during your trip, you can also have personal trainers arranged for you. Nail Studio, Hair Salon so you are always ready and look your best even during your trip. The Spa Lounge where you can have breakfast, lunch and tea based on healthy concept. I write this post mainly to share my experience with those who want to visit London and look for a right place to stay and to have a great time while staying. But the Corinthia Spa is actually perfect for Londoners who are interested in quality life and health. You can find out more details here.

To respect the other guests, I didn’t take photos inside the spa but you can see a short video here taken while no one was around. Spending time here is like living in the dream.


After my brief personal experience sharing, now you are probably wondering why Corinthia Hotel is the first one to introduce?

– Prime Location: Corinthia Hotel is located at one of the most important tourist areas. If you only have limited amount of time in London, this location will take you to several must visit places, ex. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Place of Westminster, Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, several galleries and etc… All these places are in just minutes walk.

– Near Tube Stations: If you want to travel somewhere else but does’t want to stuck in the busy London traffic. Embankment Station is just in the corner while Westminster Station is around 10 minutes walk only.

– Historical Architectures: Corinthia Hotel itself, Whitehall Place, is an amazing historical building. It is also surrounded by all the most British architectures and must visit places. As I mentioned earlier, the hotel itself is a destination to visit in London. h2w x corinthia experienceEven the back entrance of Corinthia is so stunning.


– Famous English operas and theatres in the area: If this is in your interest. Strand, where Corinthia located is one of the best places with several operas and theatres near by including Royal Opera House.

– Best spa in London: What can be even more enjoyable to a holiday or business stays with the best spa?

– China town near by: To the Chinese readers, as much as we love to try local foods during holiday. For a longer trip like European holiday, it is quite hard not to taste our own flavours and it seems it is actually also a fun experience to try local version of Chinese foods wherever we travel to. Isn’t it? China town is in walking distance or just few minute by transportation.


Finally and sadly, as much as I love my experience in Corinthia Hotel, I still have to check out at the end but really hope to visit again soon and Corinthia Hotel in other destinations will definitely be on the top of my hotel choices when visiting. If you ever come to stay in Corinthia London, remember to say hello to the most beautiful and friendly Ivy from Corinthia London. 🙂

Chinese version of my Corinthia Experience will be up at very soon. I will keep you updated at @_h2w_. h2w x corinthia experienceBeautiful Ivy from Corinthia. h2w x corinthia experienceMe, sadly had to leave Corinthia Hotel.



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In collaboration with Corinthia Hotel but opinions are mine.


  1. 16/10/2017 / 10:53 am

    I am so love with every single shot from this amazing experience my dear!! Now that’s the way to visit London. I care so much about the places I’m staying in while traveling and this one seems like the perfect option! You look beautiful 😘

  2. Fran
    16/10/2017 / 12:23 pm

    The photos are amazing! I need to try the afternoon tea . Sounds great

  3. Debbie
    16/10/2017 / 12:26 pm

    Looks so luxurious

  4. 16/10/2017 / 4:56 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I’ve had afternoon tea there – amazing experience! It’s cool to see inside the rooms as well.

  5. 17/10/2017 / 12:13 am

    Wow this place looks so luxurious! I need to try a proper English tea the next time I’m in London 🙂